What is cookies?

We use cookies to create a better user experience on niklasmodig.com. The laws for using cookies in Sweden were changed the 1st of july 2011.

Since then the cookies (and similar technologies) must be used with the visitors content. This means that you have to inform about the presence of cookie use in the site code.

A cookie is a small file that saves information about the visitor. By using this file the site recognizes the specific browser at the next visit and can thereby optimize the experience.

For instance, the cookie can remember when you last visited the site, information in a form, different choices that you did before, and so on. A cookie can not hold program code, so there is no need to worry about being subject for spy programs, viruses or ads.

Different types of cookies

Session cookies
This kind of cookies disappear after you close your browser and keeps track for the current visit on the website.

Fixed cookies
Fixed cookies remember your re-visits. Through this kind of files you don’t have to see message boxes or ads more than once. These can be removed manually in your browser.

Cookies in the browser

You can make different kinds of settings in your browser that sets the rules for which cookies that will be deleted, blocked och allowed at different websites. This kind of settings can usually be found if you open the “archive”-menu in the browser and click on “internet settings” or just “settings”.

Laws and rules about cookies

On this website you will find relevant and updated information about laws and rules concerning cookies in Sweden. (for other parts of the world, please refer to the government information in your country) minacookies.se.


The responsible government unit for this area is the Post- och telestyrelsen. On their website you can find even more information about cookies: pts.se

External integrations and analytic tools

This website uses Google Analytics, which is an external tool to measure and analyze websites. The information about the data collected and how it is used can be found on Google policy page here: Google information about Analytics


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