The Efficiency Paradox – TEDxUmeå

During this lecture I will talk about something that I think is extremely interesting: What is efficiency? It is a term that everyone uses, but very few understand. I would argue that 98% of all organizations have an incorrect understanding of what “true” efficiency really is. We tend to over focus on individual and functional performance. We think that efficient “islands” is a good thing. The more we deliver the better! The problem is that research shows the exact opposite! The more we try to squeeze out from the different islands within our organization, the more inefficient the organization will be! So what is the conclusion? Being “busy” is BAD! We call this the efficiency paradox! During this lecture I will describe why this phenomena occurs and how we have to redefine our view on efficiency in order to deliver true customer satisfaction!

‘Lean’ on yourself: Niklas Modig at TEDxSSE

Niklas Modig became an expert on “lean” management systems during his time inside Toyota Japan’s production facilities. But since then, he has learned how to become “lean” in his personal life. In this charismatic and emotional talk, Niklas discusses the importance of being “lean” in everything we do to reach our fullest potential.

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This is Lean Management – Niklas Modig, at USI

Lean is the most widespread management concept in the world and is applied to all types of functions in virtually every industry. Recent research shows, however, that there is still more to be learned from the Toyota Production System.
Niklas Modig, the only foreign researcher that has been inside Toyota Japan, will share his latest insights regarding Lean Management: What is lean management really about? How can your company take your understanding to the next level?
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“This Is Lean” @ Ericsson R&D Summit

This is a short summary of a 70min lecture regarding the best-selling book “This Is Lean” at the Ericsson R&D Summit. The lecture is held by Niklas Modig from Stockholm School of Economics who is one of the authors of the book.
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“Hva er Lean?”

Niklas Modig forteller hva Lean er og hvorfor han sammenligner det med å lage pannekaker.

“Det er spesielt 2 ting man må vite når det gjelder å forstå hva en Lean virksomhetsstrategi er; virksomheten må prioritere flyt fremfor ressurs, og man fokuserer på “den lærende organisasjonen” i stedet for “den utøvende organisasjonen” […] Man må skape en virksomhet som kontinuerlig jobber med forbedring.” For more information:

“Hvordan lykkes med Lean?”

Niklas Modig forteller de viktigste stegene man bør ta for å lykkes med Lean.

I intervjuet besvares tre sentrale spørsmål:
1) Hva er de viktigste kriteriene for å lykkes med Lean?
2) Hvilke rammefaktorer må være på plass før man kan starte en Lean-implementering?
3) Er det riktig å benytte ekstern støtte i Lean-implementeringer?
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