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Defining Lean and Operational Excellence

Lean is the most spread management concept in the world. It is applied within all types of functions in almost every industry. Recent research however shows that there are much more to learn. In this lecture, one of the leading lean speakers – Niklas Modig – will give you a deeper understanding of what operational excellence is really about. As the only foreign researcher in the world, Niklas has spent thousands of hours inside Toyota Japan decoding their philosophy and way of working. He will share his latest insights and help us explore how we can take our improvement initiatives to the next level and resolve the efficiency paradox.

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Lean Change Management

Lean Change Management is a workshop aiming to help managers to understand the core features of lean management and change management. The workshop is applicable for all types of industries, directed to executives at all managerial levels and appeals to both novices and experts. The intention of the workshop is to cover all basic aspects that an executive needs to know in order to lead and drive a lean transformation program. What is a lean operations strategy? How is it implemented? How is a lean culture developed? What is the role of the management? Why do organizations fail and what are the main success factors?

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Lean healthcare

Lean started to spread into the service industry for more than ten years ago. Today it is extensively used within healthcare. Almost every hospital in Scandinavia is utilizing lean – or similar “flow” oriented concepts – in order to improve the situation for their patients. The aim is to eliminate queues, waiting time, waste, inefficiencies and bureaucracy in order to improve quality, flexibility and process flow. There is unfortunately still a lot of misunderstandings regarding what lean is and especially how it can be adopted within healthcare. In this lecture Niklas Modig will share his latest insights regarding lean healthcare. He will share a variety of cases from both private and public hospitals in Sweden.

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The efficiency paradox

Efficiency is one of those concepts that everyone uses but very few understand. During this lecture Niklas Modig argues that most individuals and organizations have an incorrect understanding of how to increase “true” efficiency. We tend over focus on individual and functional performance, and by doing so, we only sub-optimize our organizations by developing “oceans of efficient islands”. Research shows that these island organizations can be extremely problematic. Even if their metrics indicate that all of their islands are efficient, the system is NOT! Why? The more they try to squeeze out from each island the more they will loose sight of their customers. This will in turn develop a situation where the organization lack understanding of what true value creation is. The collection of islands become a powerful engine in producing self-generated waste and problems. Instead of fulfilling the needs of their customers the organization panics and turn on “flight mode”. In fact, the more efficient we think we are the more inefficient we will be. During this lecture Niklas will explain how to resolve this efficiency paradox.

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